It was 2005 when Libby Crosby found about a heartbreaking news: breast cancer had hit her. Back then at the age of 33, Libby had a seven month old baby to take care of. Little did she know that the worst part of the story was still to come.

Sooner her chemotherapy sessions started, and with that, hair loss immediately arrived.


The loss of my hair was the most challenging thing about having breast cancer. Not only was my face puffed up because of the drugs I had to take, but every time I passed a shop window or looked in the mirror, it was confronting, upsetting and a constant visible reminder of the ordeal I was going through”.

People stared at me. I was self-conscious and felt I had no dignity or privacy. I did not have the choice of who I shared these personal details of my illness with. It was all out there in the open because I had lost my hair”. 


Today, as nurse after eleven years she has found about her cancer,  Libby is supporting the Coolheads fundraising campaign.

Mrs Kate Whyman, Maroondah Hospital’s Chief of Site and Operations, explains: “Libby donated $5,000 to the campaign, which tipped us over our first milestone – reaching the $63,000 target required to purchase one scalp cooling machine (which can treat two women simultaneously) and additional staff time required to administer the service”.

In 2005, Libby required a medicine called Herceptin that was not on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) at the time. A family member set up a trust to help. Three quarters of the way through her treatment, Herceptin was listed on the PBS and Libby was able to receive the medicine free of charge.

Libby has now generously donated the excess funds from her trust so that other people with breast cancer can receive scalp cooling treatment free of charge,” explains Kate. “It’s a fantastic act of kindness and will make a difference to future patients.

We can only thank Libby for her great generosity, strength and for becoming an example of hope to many other women who are undergoing the same process.


Libby Crosby: Mother, Nurse, Breast cancer survivor and an Example of Strong Women.


Do you want to give your share of help too? That’s simple: donate today any amount of money. Every dollar counts. So is every kind gesture.

Not able to spend any money? That’s all right. Show your support by sharing our messages and spread our campaign to the world! We need as many kind people like you as possible to reach or ultimate goal: buy a second scalp cooling machine!


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