Eastern Health is proud to partner with Bendigo Community Bank branches to support women undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

During the months of October and November, the Coolheads fundraising campaign aims to raise $145,000 to implement a scalp cooling service at Maroondah Hospital.

Scalp cooling technology helps prevent hair loss in patients receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Eastern Health will be the first public health services in Victoria to offer this service free of charge.

Multiple fundraising events are being held across 34 Bendigo Community Banks in Victoria for the duration of the campaign.

Acting Director, Eastern Health Foundation Ms Carolyn Schuwalow thanked all participating Bendigo Community Bank branches for their generous support of the Maroondah Hospital oncology department.

“Bendigo Community Bank branches are making an outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of local women who are navigating a challenging time in their lives,” Ms Schuwalow said.

“Supporting the introduction of a scalp cooling service will mean women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer will have the opportunity to keep their hair and therefore maintain dignity, privacy and some normality throughout their treatment process.”

Local Bendigo Community Bank Chairman Stuart Greig said “the Coolheads campaign showcases the power of collective giving in the community when organisations, community groups and individuals come together to make a real difference in local people’s lives.”

Donations can be made at any Bendigo Community Bank location and online at www.coolheads.org.au.

For more information about upcoming events and the scalp cooling technology visit www.coolheads.org.au.

Media contact: Kate Klingsporn, Eastern Health Communications, 9091 8881.