The last 21st October was special: the staff of Bendigo Community Bank Branches from Yarra Ranges region promoted the Pinktober Day!

On this particular Friday, teams got dressed in pink as a symbol of their support for our Coolheads campaign. Also, they participated of a regional photo competition with a prize awarded for the best Team Photo.

But we must admit Montrose Bendigo Bank Community Branch standed out of the crowd.

Local hairdressers donated their “lady desktop models” (see the photo below) and all staff contributed to create a display with pink cupcakes that were quickly sold during the morning.

pinktober day

From left to right: Helen Crowe, Ann Peters, Janet Chandler and Bernadette Lucas of Montrose Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank.


The event was a success: Montrose itself could raise a total amount of $131.80 in one day. The money is being kept until 31st October at a ‘Gold Coin Donation Jar’.

A huge Thank You to all the supporters!

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